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Who we are

About DGMF

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is a leading mold clamps manufacturer and mold components supplier based in Dongguan China. We are committed to providing solutions to industrial product needs through superior customer service with the help of our highly trained sales technicians and support staff. 

Our products are manufactured to a high standard of quality and are used in a vast array of applications across a spectrum of industries and organizations including injection molding, die-casting, punching, stamping, pressing, automotive, printing, military, aerospace, medical, government, biotech, transportation, distribution, and more.

What we do

We mainly offer a wide range of off-the-shelf Standard Components Mold Clamps and Mold Components. Used in a wide range in industries especially plastic injection molding, dies casting, stamping, and CNC milling.

DGMF’s industrial products catalog includes:

Closed Toe Mold Clamps / Closed-End Mold Clamps

Open Toe Mold Clamps / Open-End Mold Clamps

Forged Mold Clamps

Hold Down Clamps

Bolt Type Mold Clamps with T Bolts

Universal Mold Clamps / Uni Mold Clamps

Mold Clamp Washers / Mold Clamp bolts

Easy Clamps / Adjustable Mold Clamps

Stepped Strap Mold Clamps / Step Clamps

Strap Mold Clamps / Strap Clamps / Plain Clamps

No Turning Washers / No-Twist Rectangular Mold Washers

Open Slot Mold Clamps / U Mold Clamps / U Clamps

Tapped Press Clamps / Step Blocks / Step Block Mold Clamps

Goose Neck Mold Clamps / Goose Neck Clamps

Quick-Change Mold Clamps / High-Speed Mold Clamps / Quick Mold Clamps / Arching C Type Mold Clamps

Mold Bases / Mold Base Clamps

58pcs Clamping Sets / Clamping Kits

G-Clamp G Clamps / C-Clamp C Clamps

Adjustable ScrewJacks / Lifting Swivel / Jacks

EyeBolts / Eye Nuts

D Shackles / Bow Shackles

Mold Clamp Studs / Clamping Stud with Hex Spanner

Round Mold Washers / Flange Nuts

Hexagon Socket Screws / Hexagon Screws

Hexagon Nuts / Extension Nuts

Screw Plugs / Pressure Plugs / Tapered Screw Plugs

T Slotted Bolts / T Bolts / T Slot Nuts / DIN 508 T Nuts / Two Holes T Nuts

Mold Parting Locks

Date Mark Inserts / Air Valves

Socket Set Screws / Socket Head Shoulders

Ball Plungers / Ball Cages

Hose Clamps / Spiral Plug Baffles

Mold Cooling Pipe

Hose Nipples / Quick Release Connector Plugs

Stopper Rings / Locating Rings

Stop Pins / Stop Disks / Stop Bottoms / Stop Springs

Sleeve Pins / Ejector pins / Shoulder Pins

Core Pins / Angle Pins / Blade Pins /Guide Pins

Dowel Pins 

Puller Bolts / Stop Bolts / Support Pillars / Pull Rods

Sprue bushings / Guide Bushings

Slide Interlocks / Tapered Interlocks

Side Locks / Top Locks / X-Series Locks / Taper Blocks

Slide Retainers / Latch Locking Units

Slide Core Guide Units / Ejection Mechanism

Cooling Circuit Plugs / Mold Cooling Plugs

Shoulder Punches

Self-lubricating Components

Stoppers Springs

Ball Bearing Guide Post Sets

Plain Guide Bushings

Ball Cages

Fasteners / Bolts / Nuts / Washers

Machine Tools Machine Mounts Vises 

CNC Machining Parts, etc.

How do we work

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd produces a variety of standard and non-standard products, we have a group of professional engineering designers and sales teams, advanced production equipment, and reliable production capacity;

We advocate advanced corporate culture, the pursuit of advanced management ideas, management concepts, and talent concepts, establish a unity and harmony of the overall situation, honest and trustworthy morality, adhere to strengthen the two civilizations of enterprises, increase the cohesiveness of employees, plasticize the good image of enterprises, and continuously enhance the company’s core competitiveness.

The company will further rely on its own advantages and strong strength, play a good brand effect, adhere to the quality policy of “providing satisfactory products with customers through continuous improvement of management and technology”, and strive to provide better products and services for new and old customers at home and abroad.

We are specialized in the mold component field, all products comply with international standards (JIS, DIN, AISI), according to customer requirements and drawings. We value professional quality and integrity service, try our best to offer rapid delivery and a one-stop solution for all the customers around the world.

Our products are reasonable in structure, stable, and reliable in performance, high in quality, and complete in variety. If you choose us, you will have a processing factory!

If there is any way we can serve your company better, please feel free to contact any member of the DGMF Team.

Thank You! Your continued feedback and support are sincerely valued!

Calio Huang
Owner and CEO

Company Mission

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is a team of industry experts providing solutions and innovative products for the plastic injection molding, mold making, and die casting industries. We are committed to our mission of being the industry’s leading provider of high-quality, competitively priced products and services while providing the highest level of customer service.

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We have stocks of the mold clamps and standard mold components.

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