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What are the Cavity and Core Components?

The cavity and core components are mainly mold date stamps and air valves poppets.

1.Date stamp

Date stamp belongs to plastic mold components.

Mold date stamps are included date stamps, month stamps, year stamps, year and month stamps, number stamps, environmental protection stamps, letter stamps, class finger stamps, material stamps, and other font patterns that can be customized;

Date Stamp structure

The internal structure of the date stamp is divided into a wave-bead structure, a spring structure, a screw structure, a core-changing structure, and a stepless structure in use;

Date Stamp standards

The date stamp standard is divided into Taiwan standard date stamp, American standard date stamp, German standard date stamp, European standard date stamp, Japanese standard date stamp, interchangeable date stamp, o-type three-circle date stamp, standard three-circle date stamp, etc.

Our company can customize various standards such as Misumi, punch, etc.;

Date Stamp material

Date stamp materials are divided into stainless steel 416, stainless steel sus420, etc.

Date Stamp Usage

The mold date stamp is a variety of characters and patterns left on the plastic product. It records the production date, brand, trademark, and service life of the plastic, which is convenient for product quality management and is the main way to identify the future maintenance and life of the product.

2.Air Poppet

Basic characteristics of air poppet

Air poppet is also known as air valve poppet, air valve, and so on. In a deep and airtight vacuum state, it is easier to eject the air poppet than the ejector pin;

When the product has a large surface area and is not easy to fall off, the force of the plastic part ejected by the air poppet is uniform and the effect is better.

Gas valves have high precision, simple installation, no space, and great function. It is the best product for improving the ejector device at present.

The principle is to use the air valve control and the principle of air diffusion to make the product fall off in an instant, achieving the effect of automation.

The material of the gas top is made of stainless steel and does not rust.

The application of the gas poppet eliminates the trouble in the design and production of the mold in the ejector pin, and at the same time can resolve the failure in the injection, which is a new breakthrough in the mold manufacturing industry.

Type introduction of the gas poppet

The minimum diameter of the gas poppet can generally be 5mm, the maximum diameter can be 30mm, and the maximum height of the gas poppet can be 50mm. The gas poppet is generally composed of a shell, an ejector rod, a spring, and an elastic cylindrical pin.

Domestic molds generally use ordinary gas valves. Export molds use DME gas valves, also known as VA gas poppets, followed by CUMSA gas poppets, and HASCO gas poppets are relatively rare.

If you use international standard gas poppets, the price is still very expensive, usually several hundred yuan each. These international standard molds can basically be produced domestically, and the quality is relatively reliable and stable. This kind of technology has been mastered.

Take ordinary gas poppet as an example

Material: SUS420

Hardness: 48-52HRC

The role of a gas poppet

In the production process of plastic molds, the product is trapped in the air. Generally, the mold does not have an exhaust structure, and an exhausted groove is required.

The general definition of mold

In industrial production, a variety of presses and special tools installed on the press are used to make metal or non-metallic materials into parts or products of the required shape through pressure. Such special tools are collectively called molds.

Injection molding process description

A mold is a tool for producing plastic products. It is composed of several groups of parts, and there is a molding cavity in this combination.

During injection molding, the mold is clamped on the injection molding machine, the molten plastic is injected into the molding cavity, cooled and shaped in the cavity, and then the upper and lower molds are separated, and the product is ejected from the cavity and out of the mold through the ejection system, and finally the mold is closed for the next injection, the entire injection molding process is carried out cyclically.

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Contact the DGMF Mold Clamps teams for more details about the cavity and core components such as cavity and core components specifications, cavity and core components pricing, cavity and core components inventory, etc.

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