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What is Mold Spring?

Mold springs are widely used in stamping molds, metal die-casting molds, plastic molds, and other elastic motion precision mechanical equipment, automobiles, and other fields.

The material of the die spring is generally chrome alloy steel. Chrome alloy spring steel has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, high rigidity, and long life.

Mold springs include Japanese standard mold springs, German standard mold springs, springs, and polyurethane springs. Usually, mold springs refer to rectangular mold springs.

Rectangular mold spring has the characteristics of small size, good elasticity, high rigidity, high precision, rectangular production material, color spraying (plating) on ​​the surface to distinguish different loads, and a beautiful appearance.

The production standards of standardized mold springs are:

ISO9001:2000, Japanese JIS, ISO10243, NAAMS (North American Automobile Metric Standard), and springs produced according to different standards are Japanese standard springs, American standard springs, ISO10243 German standard mold springs, etc.

Mold Spring Classifications

Mold springs are springs for molds. The mold springs we talk about are divided into three categories: metal coil springs, nitrogen springs, and polyurethane springs.

Metal spiral mold springs are widely used in molds, fixtures, industrial clutches, brake components, and various mechanical components.

Japanese standard spring classification

Heavy load DB brown mold spring,

Heavy load DH green mold spring,

Medium load DM red mold spring,

Light load DL blue mold spring,

Lighter load DF yellow mold spring

International standard classification

SJL green mold spring,

SJM blue mold spring,

SJH red mold spring,

SJB yellow mold spring.

Spring classification

Mc-ISO international standard type,

MQk-compact structure,


MQHl-extra thin structure type.

Polyurethane spring

Polyurethane spring classification:

EX type high load polyurethane spring,

A-type high load polyurethane spring,

LA type high load polyurethane spring,

UT type high load polyurethane spring,

UD type high load polyurethane spring,


Spring Application status

Circular or special-shaped cross-sections (square, rectangular, flat and S, D, S, etc.) steel wire cylindrical spiral compression springs, rubber (chloroprene rubber and polyurethane rubber) springs, nitrogen-filled springs, and disc springs are in different types It is applied in the mold.

But from the perspective of application scope and quantity analysis: round cross-section steel wire spiral springs are decreasing, special-shaped cross-section steel wires, especially flat and S, D, and S-shaped steel wire cylindrical spiral springs are increasing, and rubber springs, especially polyurethane rubber springs, tend to stabilize.

There has been an increase, while disc springs and nitrogen-filled springs are still in the trial phase of small batches. It seems that there is a certain market.

However, if the application prospects of springs are comprehensively evaluated in terms of static and dynamic characteristics, maintenance, and economy, it is still to be practiced Later on.

What is a Hardware spring?

Hardware springs are also known as metal springs. It is a mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. There are mainly spiral springs, scroll springs, stainless steel springs, special-shaped springs, etc.

General hardware springs are made of spring steel, used to control the movement of parts, ease impact or vibration, and store storage.

Spring classification

According to the nature of the force, hardware springs can be divided into extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, and bending springs. According to their shapes, they can be divided into disc springs, ring springs, leaf springs, spiral springs, and truncated cone scroll springs.

Spring function

Squeeze function

Observing various electrical switches, you will find that one of the two contacts of the switch must be equipped with a spring to ensure that the two contacts are in close contact and are in good conduction.

If the contact is poor, the resistance at the contact will increase, and the heat generated when the current passes will increase. In severe cases, the metal at the contact will melt.

The two metal posts of the bayonet base are equipped with springs for good contact; as for the central metal piece of the screw base and the plug-in metal pieces of all sockets are reeds, their function is to keep the two sides in close contact with each other. Same good.

In the magnetic tape, there is a piece of phosphor bronze reed, which uses the elastic force generated when it is bent and deformed to make the magnetic head closely contact the tape.

There is a long coil spring in the stapler. On the one hand, it is used to tighten the staples. On the other hand, when the front staple is pushed out, the back staples can be sent to the front so that the staples can be pushed out comfortably. In this way, the nails can be pushed to the front automatically one by one until all the nails are pushed out.

Many machines automatically feed materials. In addition, the clips on clothes, ballpoint pens, and pen holders are all clamped on clothes by the pressing function of springs.

Drive function

Mechanical clocks and clockwork toys are driven by winding up the clockwork. When the mainspring is tightened, the mainspring is bent and deformed, storing a certain amount of elastic potential energy. After release, the elastic potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy, which is driven to rotate by the transmission device.

Reset function

The spring is deformed under the action of external force, and after the external force is removed, the spring can be restored. Many tools and equipment use springs to reset.

For example, many building door hinges are equipped with return springs. After people enter and exit, the door will automatically reset. People also use this function to make automatic umbrellas, automatic pencils, and other supplies, which is very convenient. In addition, various buttons and keys are also indispensable to return springs.

Buffer function

A spring is installed between the vehicle frame and the wheel, and the elasticity of the spring is used to slow down the turbulence of the vehicle.

Spring measurement function

We know that within the elastic limit, the extension (or contraction) of the spring is proportional to the external force. Use the nature of the spring to make a spring balance.

Spring Vibration and sound function

When air flows from the reed hole in the harmonica or accordion, it impacts the reed and the reed vibrates to make a sound.

Spring Production inspection

Spring Production equipment

There are computer automatic spring coiling machines, universal automatic spring coiling machines of various specifications and sizes, advanced mesh belt drive automatic quenching furnaces and tempering furnaces, raceway spring strengthening shot blasting machines, and surface electrostatic spraying and electrophoresis equipment, and other major equipment.

Spring Testing Equipment

There are various specifications of spring tension and compression testing machines, spring fatigue testing machines, physical and chemical metallographic analysis, different specifications of flaw detection equipment, material torsion tensile testing machines, etc.

Spring application

Automobiles, machinery, electronic products, electrical appliances, stationery, power switches, micro switches, construction, daily necessities, home appliances, A/V equipment, hardware, plastic molds, sports equipment, various gifts, etc.

Other types of spring products

Besides the mold springs, DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd provides other spring types.

Our spring products are widely used in all walks of life, with a wide range of applications, and can be customized from 0.1-12mm wire diameter.

We can undertake spring products: enameled wire bending wire forming, flat enameled wire inductive coils, and various wire forming products such as:

Antenna springs, compression springs, torsion springs, scroll springs, snap springs, profiled springs, hook springs, mold springs, wave springs, spiral springs, plate springs, valve springs, suspension springs, diaphragm springs, shock-absorbing springs, hydraulic springs, oil pump springs, disc springs, high-temperature springs, etc.

Whether you need round enameled wire, flat enameled wire, spring steel, stainless steel, high temperature and corrosion resistant materials, copper alloy, titanium alloy, piano steel wire, brass wire, phosphor bronze wire, purple copper wire, etc., we can help you.

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd manufactures the mold clamps, and supplies the injection mold components, such as Clamps, Toggle Clamps, C Clamps, Pins, Bushings, Positioning Components, Lock Mold Components, Reset Extrusion, Cavity, and Core Components, Coolings, Die Press Components, Punch And Die, Guide Components, Self-lubricating Components, Springs, Machine Tools, Gate Valves, Machine Mounts, Vises, Fasteners, Lifting, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, etc.

Contact the DGMF Mold Clamps teams for more details about the springs such as spring specifications, spring pricing, spring inventory, etc.

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