Cooling Circuit Plugs For Injection Mold Cooling

Mold Cooling Circuit Plugs Misumi

Mold Cooling Circuit Plugs

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd supplies the Mold Cooling Circuit Plugs and other Cascade Water Junctions. Contact us for more details.

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What is Cooling Circuit Plugs?

The cooling circuit plugs are metal parts that are used in plastic molds or any waterway cooling or heating system to match the required flow direction to play a role in filling.

Mold Cooling Circuit plug drawing and specifications

Cooling Circuit Plugs Drawing and Specifications
Cooling Circuit Plugs Drawing and Specifications

The scope of application of the cooling circuit plugs

Plastic mold, water channel cooling system, channel water heating, and heat conduction system. Water stop, flow channel, and water channel heating and heat conduction system.

  1. The cooling circuit plug expands the O-ring and the shrapnel to fill the role.
  2. The elasticity can be adjusted at will, no antidiarrheal belt is needed;
  3. It can be moved at will and placed in any position in the water channel;
  4. As the water is heated, the water is also heated, and the thermal conductivity is good, and the heating and cooling of the oil is the same;

Endurance of cooling circuit plug

The diameter is 8mm or more than 16KG/square centimeter;

Diameter 10mm or more than 17KG/square centimeter;

Diameter 12mm above 19KG/square centimeter.

Precautions for the use of the cooling circuit plug

  1. The aperture of any specification mold should be 0.1mm larger than the outer diameter of the stopcock;

Example: 8mm (outer diameter) cooling circuit plug, its mold hole should be 8.1mm

  1. If the water stop plug is not positioned in the waterway, you can relax it first, and then spray it with an air gun to reposition it.

Working environment: general temperature -5℃~+135℃

The working temperature of special cooling circuit plug: -10℃~+280℃

Cooling Circuit Plugs Pictures

Mold Cooling Circuit plugs
Mold Cooling Circuit plugs


Mold Cooling Circuit Plug
Mold Cooling Circuit Plug


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