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DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is the mold clamps manufacturer and supplies the one-stop-shop solutions of the mold components for the industry.

What is it for?

The mold clamps and mold components are manufactured to a high standard of quality and are used in a vast array of applications across a spectrum of industries and organizations including injection molding, die-casting, punching, stamping, pressing, automotive, printing, military, aerospace, medical, government, biotech, transportation, distribution, and more.

Nine Steps Of Stamping Die Design

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C Type Quick Change Mold Clamps

For Injection Mold

All Quick Change Mold Clamps use high quality hardened materials for very secure mold clamping, quick mold changing, and safer operations. These quick-change clamps can fasten plastic injection molds whether they are changed vertically or horizontally.

Adjustable Clamps for milling machines

For CNC Machine

The Universal Mold Clamp is used in the clamping of heavy injection molds on plastic injection molding machines, pressure dies casting machines, and CNC milling machinery. These clamps are bolted directly to the platens and, in turn, press the mold against the platen, holding it there by frictional force.

Mold Components Parting Locks Mold parts

For Die Mold

Mold parting lock is also called nylon mold clamp, resin shutter, nylon mold lock, resin mold clamp, nylon resin shutter, etc. It is a mold component that adjusts the friction between the template and the nylon sleeve by locking the tapered bolts.

How To Install The Stamping Die?

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DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd designs and produces a variety of standard and non-standard products has a group of professional engineering designers and sales teams, advanced production equipment, and reliable production capacity.

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We stock all kinds of mold clamps and mold components ready to ship. 

A large stock inventory of mold clamps and mold components

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