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Guide Positioning Guide Pin And Bushing

DGMF Mold Clamps Co. Ltd supplies the Guide Positioning Component Guide Pin And Bushing.

Guide Pin is the main guide of the mold base, contact us for more information of the guide pin.

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What is a guide pin?

The guide pin is a pin or peg for aligning a tool or dies properly with the working pilot—called also a leader pin. Guide Pins are the main guides of the mold base.

MOLD COMPONENTS - Guide Pins guide bushings Guide Pins And Bushings
MOLD COMPONENTS – Guide Pins guide bushings Guide Pins And Bushings

Guide pin for use during various reconstruction procedures

Made of high-quality materials for reliability

Guide pins provide an essential element of stability to a variety of applications in a broad range of industries.

A guide pin is a pin or peg used to properly align tools or fabrication components to ensure stability.

Sometimes referred to as pilot pins or leader pins, they provide for precision alignment in stacking, mating panels and chases, and mating connectors.

Use these guide pins and standard round-head pins to prevent jamming when loading and unloading workpieces with inconsistent hole spacing.

A necessary component in properly securing fasteners in numerous manufacturing and construction processes, guide pins limit contact damage between mismatched mating connectors, and optimize mechanized performance through stability and accurate alignment.

Each application requires a specific type of material to provide the most favorable results, making material selection an important factor in guide pin design. We use two types of materials in the design of our guide pins:

Carbon steel provides a high level of material strength and wears resistance. Alteration through heat treatment to achieve desired performance levels is a benefit of using this material.

Stainless steel includes corrosion resistance, which allows for greater longevity and decreased maintenance. This makes it an ideal choice in highly corrosive environments without sacrificing material strength.


Due to their stabilizing and alignment characteristics, guide pins are present in a wide range of industries and applications, including:

Medical devices and hospital instruments

Automotive assembly and automotive parts

Pressure tanks


Architectural and construction components

Locking mechanisms for unit assemblies

The guide pin drawing and guide pin specifications:

mold components guide pin specs
mold components guide pin specs

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Contact the DGMF team for the guide pin specification, guide pin inventory, and guide pin pricing.


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