Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting

Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting swivel lifting eye bolts rotating eyebolts and lifting fittings

Rotating Eyebolts Lifting Fittings

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd supplies a great range of swivel eye bolts, swivel hoist rings & swivel lifting eyes which are suitable for use in a wide range of different tasks. Swivel eye bolts are able to rotate a full 360 degrees, with no risk of twisting out.

They allow for loading from various angles and also provide multiple lifting positions, giving them great versatility.

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What Is Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting?

Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting are also called lifting swivels or swivel lifting eye screws, which are used for special lifting occasions with an angle.

The Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting realizes horizontal 360-degree rotation and up and down 180-degree flipping, four times the safety factor in any direction. Compared with the traditional DIN580 eyebolt (dead ring), it is more flexible and can meet the lifting needs in all aspects.

Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting Production material

Domestically, 35CrMo alloy steel and 42CrMo alloy steel are mostly used, and imports generally use nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel or grade 100 materials.

Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting Specifications

Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting swivel lifting eye bolts rotating eyebolts and lifting fittings
swivel lifting eye bolts rotating eyebolts and lifting fittings

The available specifications are mostly concentrated in M8-M80.

Lifting Swivels

Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting Application field

With the vigorous development of the domestic mold industry, Swivel Eye Bolts has been greatly promoted and applied. The main users are mold factories, machinery factories, etc. The emerging wind power industry has a stronger demand for rotating rings.

The traditional DIN 580 lifting eye screw can only be lifted at 0 degrees, and the lifting angle must not exceed 45 degrees from the side, otherwise, there is a danger of breaking. The strength loss is 70% at 45 degrees and 75% at 90 degrees (refer to GB825 and DIN580 standards). Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the safety of hoisting. With its flexible, safe, and durable performance, the rotating hoist ring is better than the DIN 580 eyebolt and will be used in more lifting fields.

Swivel Eye Bolt For Lifting Features

The rotating lifting ring relies on mechanical and ANSYS finite element analysis, precision design, made of forged alloy materials, with ball bearings, can rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally, and flip up and down 180 degrees.

When using “any direction, four times the pulling force”, the lifting swivel eye bolt will adjust with the lifting direction, and the lifting swivel eye bolt can be manually adjusted to the stretching direction.

It is suitable for the bolt lifting and lateral lifting of equipment and molds. The craftsmanship is rigorous, safe, and reliable to ensure the quality of the weak links of the rotating rings.

The swivel eye bolt for lifting is supplied by DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd, the mold clamps Manufacturer in China, also provides injection mold componentsdie press componentsmachine tools, fasteners for your best choice.


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