Lifting Eye Nuts DIN 582

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Ring Lifting Eye Nuts Female Threaded Nut Fastener

Lifting eye nuts are female-threaded and meant to be matched with a male-threaded shank, similar to a standard threaded nut.

Lifting Eye Nut for permanent attachments on equipment such as motors, control cabinets, gearboxes, etc.

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What Are Lifting Eye Nuts DIN 582?

Lifting Eye Nuts are special hook nuts used for lifting objects.

Lifting eye nuts are often called lifting eyes, eye nuts, forged eye nuts, etc. Lifting eye nuts are manufactured in high-tensile alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel.

Eye nuts are usually cold and hot forged for high-strength material integrity. Lifting eye nut dimensions are defined in both metric and imperials sizes with unified national coarse pitch (UNC), fine pitch (UNF), fixed pitch (UN), and metric thread profile.

The eye nut refers to a part that is screwed together with a bolt or screw for fastening. It is an original part that all production machinery must use. Eye nuts are commonly used to fix pendants in engineering. There is a thread under the nut, which can be drilled according to its different specifications and fixed with a screw.

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Lifting Eye Nut Introduction

Lifting Eyebolt and eyenut
Lifting Eyebolt and eye nuts

The eye nut is a part that tightly connects the mechanical equipment. Only through the inner thread, the eye nut and screw of the same specification can be connected together. Eye nuts are often used in conjunction with externally threaded columns to lift various equipment, such as molds, chassis, and motors.

Eye Bolts (eyebolts) and Eye Nuts (eye nuts) are also commonly known in the lifting industry as lifting eyes. Available in a wide range from M6-M24.

DGMF lifting eye nuts can be fastened to metric threads (various sizes available) to provide a strong, secure lifting point.

Eye nuts are made from forged carbon steel, zinc-plated steel, stainless steel, or hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Lifting Eye Nuts Main content

This standard specifies the eye nut with thread specification M6-M48.


DIN580 GB825 Eyebolts And Eyenuts - DGMF Mold Clamps Co.,Ltd
DIN580 GB825 Eyebolts And Eyenuts – DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd


Scope of Lifting Eye Nut application

This standard applies to the general loading and unloading of lifting machinery and appliances.

Technical conditions

The eyebolts should be made of 20 or 25 steel (GB699). The eyebolts must be forged as a whole. The forgings should be normalized and the oxide scale should be removed. The grain size of the finished product should not be less than grade 5 (YB27-77). There must be overburning, and cracking defects.

Surface treatment

The surface of the eye nuts shall be galvanized and passivated, chrome-plated and other surface treatments shall be carried out according to GB5267-85.

The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the oxygen-removing treatment materials should be tested immediately after electroplating zinc according to GB699.

During a routine inspection, the grain size test may not be advanced, and the test method of the grain size is in accordance with YB27.

Thread inspection is carried out with a thread gauge and smooth limit gauge or universal tool.

Precautions for use

  1. In order to prevent accidents, the user load specified in the figure below should not be exceeded during use.
  2. When the ring is deformed and visible to the naked eye, it should be scrapped.
  3. When lifting, accompanied by increased acceleration or impact, a load smaller than the load used in the above table must be selected.
  4. Countersinking should be added when lifting at 45° to make the bearing surface of the bolt or nut closely adhere to the mating part. Second, add appropriate washers so that the directions of the two rings are in the same plane. The error (deflection) of this combination should be within 5 degrees from the plane containing the axis.
  5. For the purpose of increasing the mechanical properties, when special steel and other materials are used and heat-treated, the ductility becomes smaller, and it is easy to break before the overload and ring deformation, which is dangerous.


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