Closed-Toe Mold Clamps

Closed-toe Mold Clamps for a press die cast machine

Closed-End Mold Clamps

Closed-End Mold Clamps Are Available At DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd. We Offer Inventory, Pricing, & Datasheets For Mold Clamps. The Closed-Toe Mold Clamps are ready to ship.

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Closed-Toe Mold Clamps

The Closed-toe Mold Clamps are used for Injection Molding or CNC Milling.

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd’s Closed-toe Mold Clamps are tapped end mold clamps having unique step assistance at the back which can be adapted to the needed height.

The majority of the useful clamp for plastic injection molding, pressure die casting machines, and CNC milling machines where the plastic injection mold or die-cast is clamped in a vertical setting, as well as these closed-toe mold clamps with screwed in adjustable support, are convenient to the operator as other loose supports tend to fall down while setting.

Hardened adjustable support with a large diameter forged base gives rigid clamping support and ensures machine bed safety.

The extra thick body of the clamp accommodates a number of threads for rigidity of screwed support. Supply with adjustable supporting bolt only. T-Bolt or Stud with nut, washer, etc. can is purchased separately.

Closed-Toe Mold Clamps Features:

  • Made of long life Hardened Steel
  • More durable than fewer cost clamps
  • Styles include Open toe, Closed toe, Socket, and Oversize Hex Bolt
  • Easy to install and adjustable—no spacers are required
  • Washers are extra-large and made of hardened steel

Closed-Toe Mold Clamps Product Details:

Type: Closed-toe Mold Clamp

Brand: DGMF

Usage/Application: Plastic Injection Molding Machines, CNC Mill Machines, Pressure Die Casting Machines

Automation Grade: Manual

Color: Blue or Metallic

Material: S40Cr

Hardness: 20-40 HRC

Coating: Quenching heat treatment

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Product situation: In stock

Delivery Time: Immediate Delivery

Production Capacity: As per customer’s requirement

Closed-toe Mold Clamps
Closed-toe Mold Clamps


Closed-toe Mold Clamps for the CNC Milling Machines
Closed-toe Mold Clamps for the CNC Milling Machines


Closed-toe Mold Clamps for Injection Molding or CNC Milling
Closed-toe Mold Clamps for Injection Molding or CNC Milling


Closed-toe Mold Clamps for Injection Molding Machines
Closed-toe Mold Clamps for Injection Molding Machines


Closed-toe Mold Clamps for a press die cast machine
Closed-toe Mold Clamps for a press die-cast machine

Manufactured from tempered steel, Closed-toe Clamp has a blue color surface finish or can be chosen metallic original color. Closed-toe mold clamp finds application in holding tools on machine beds. It is made available in different models that support different screw sizes.

Closed-toe Mold Clamps Specifications–Manufactured By DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd


Please see below the closed-toe mold clamps installation on the machine bed, thank you.

closed-Toe mold clamp installation
closed-Toe mold clamp installation

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is offering Mould Clamps. Used in the clamping of heavy molds on plastic injection molding machines and pressure die casting machines.

Its adjustable swivel washer adjusts the height automatically with the help of a grooved curve on the upper portion of the clamp. It comes with a threaded Stud or T-bolt as suitable.

We also have the open-end mold clampquick-change mold clampuniversal mold clampeasy clampstep block mold clampstepped strap clampstamping die clamphold down clamp, etc.

Contact the DGMF team for the mold clamp specification, inventory, datasheet, pricing.

We also provide the injection mold componentsdie press componentsmachine tools, fasteners for your best choice.


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