Mold Guide Bush Component Guide Bushing

MOLD COMPONENTS - guide bushing with flange head

Guide Pins and Bushings Supplier

Guide Pins and Bushing Are Used for Plastic Injection Mold, Mold Base of Mold Components which are supplied by DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd.

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What is Mold Guide Bush Component Guide Bushing?

Precision Guide Bushs For Plastic Injection Mold.

Guide Bush is used in conjunction with the guide pin and plays a guiding role. Generally, the clearance is very small, within 0.05mm. Guide Bush is used in conjunction with the guide pin and plays a guiding role.

The guide pin and guide bush are generally used in injection molds or some machinery to ensure the accuracy of movement.


MOLD COMPONENTS - guide bush straight guide bushing
MOLD COMPONENTS – guide bush straight guide bushing

This is a mold and tool guide ping and bushing supplied by DGMF which comes with a variation of models having different sizes and designs.

MOLD COMPONENTS - Guide Pins guide bushings Guide Pins And Bushings
MOLD COMPONENTS – Guide Pins And Bushings

This series comes with different bushes which are ball guide, guide bush, shouldered bush, headed guide bush, brass bush, and brass bush having graphite inserts.

For headed guide bush, it comes with different models that are with or without having a centering plug. Others have centering plugs with bronze inserts.

Mold Guide Bush Component Guide Bushing Features:

Standard sizes have a big stock and can send out on the same day. The customized type is available upon request.

Follow DIN, JIS, AISI Standard.

MISUMI, HASCO Replacement.

Metric or Inch guide bushing sizes are available.

No MOQ, Free Sample for testing is available.

Precision, Cost-effective.

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd offers straight and shoulder guide bushings for high-pressure die casting and injection molding. Quality is unquestionable as our pins are used by high-pressure die casters, injection molders, and tooling suppliers.

Guide Bushing Drawings

Mold Guide Bushings Drawings
Mold Guide Bushing Drawings


DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd supplies the ejector pinsstraight ejector pinsejector sleeve pinsejector bladesshoulder ejector pins,  guide pinscore pinsangle pinsdowel pinsguide bushingA-type sprue bushingB-type sprue bushingC-type sprue bushing,  small gate sprue bushingbig gate sprue bushing, etc.

We also provide injection mold componentsdie press componentsmachine tools, and fasteners for your best choice.

Contact the DGMF team for the guide pin and guide bush specification, inventory, and pricing.


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