Quick-Change Mold Clamps

C Type Quick Change Mold Clamps

C-Type Arching Quick Mold Clamps

C-Type Arching Quick Mold Clamps Quick-change Mold Clamps Are Available At DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd. We Offer Inventory, Pricing, & Datasheets For Quick-change Mold Clamps. The C-Type Arching Quick Mold Clamps  Are READY To Ship.

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Quick-Change Mold Clamps

Quick-Change Mold Clamps also named high-speed mold clamps, quick mold clamps, arching mold clamps, C-type mold clamps, etc.

DGMF Mold Clamps will show its quick-change mold clamps for speeding injection mold changes. They offer horizontal and vertical adjustment and high clamping pressure with low torque.

Greater horizontal adjustment is allowed by the integrated sliding plate in the clamping arm and elongated slot in the clamping shoe.

Quick-Change Mold Clamp Introduction

All Quick Change Mold Clamps use high-quality hardened materials for very secure mold clamping, quick mold changing, and safer operations. These quick-change clamps can fasten plastic injection molds whether they are changed vertically or horizontally.

Quick-Change Mold Clamps Features:

Quick and easy die changing

Very high clamping pressure

High opening and closing speeds

Easy insertion and removal

Safer Operations

Increased productivity

Using our rich industry experience, we manufacture and supply a wide range of precisely working Quick Change Mold Clamps.

We have a well-equipped manufacturing unit fitted with the latest technology to ensure that Quick Change Mold Clamps are easy & quick to change and give unmatched functionality.

Quick Change Mold Clamps undergoes defined quality tests before supplying. We are distinguished from our competitors owing to our competitive prices and timely delivery.


Below are the quick-change mold clamp’s specifications for your reference.

Quick Change Mold Clamps Specifications
Quick Change Mold Clamps Specifications

Application Areas: Injection Molding Machines, Blow Molding Machine, Extrusion process, Press machine shop.

Please see below the quick-change mold clamps installation in the plastic injection molding machine, thank you.

Quick-change Mold Clamps Applications

Quick-change mold clamps installation for injection mold machine
Quick-change mold clamps installation for injection mold machine


mold clamps used in machinery
Quick change mold clamps used in machinery


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