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What is Ball Cages For Die Sets?

The Ball Cages For Die Sets are the main component of the guide pillar assembly of the stamping die and are a commonly used accessory for the cold stamping die.

Ball cages also called ball bushings, or linear bearing bushings, have aluminum alloy or copper alloy, or polyacetal resin as the steel ball cage, and the steel ball is embedded in the cage in the form of an inlaid, also known as a steel ball bearing.

Ball Cages For Die Sets are the basic component for high-precision Linear Ball Bearings. The production process and decades of experience guarantee an optimized product.

Ball Cages For Die Sets are one of many types of linear bearings that are designed to provide support to linear motion shafts in mechanical machinery.

The ball cages can be divided into different cages: plastic steel ball bushings, aluminum alloy steel ball bushings, and copper-based steel ball bushings.

Sturdy aluminum ball cages are often used for die applications in which the guide pins and bushings are removed and inserted during pressing, or in which the workpiece is bent. Resin cages are often used for precision dies and die used at high speed. Ball holding force is Large because aluminum is used.

Ball Cages For Die Sets Material Composition

  1. Cage:
    ①A5052S aluminum alloy
    ②Copper alloy
    ③POM polyacetal resin
  2. Steel ball:
    SUJ2 bearing steel, roundness 0.25μm, steel ball heat treatment hardness 62~67HRC

The production process of the Ball Cages For Die Sets is also very special because of its special purpose: the special lock ball technology is used in the production process to prevent the steel ball from falling off and the phenomenon of dead beads.

Ball Cages For Die Sets Picture

Linear Ball Bushings Applications
Linear Ball Bushings Applications


MOLD COMPONENTS - Linear Bushings
MOLD COMPONENTS – Linear Bushings


Linear Bearing Bushing Ball Cage Types
Linear Bearing Bushing Ball Cage Types


Linear Bearing Ball Cage Drawing
Ball Cages For Die Sets

The steel ball size of the steel ball bushing is consistent within 0.0025mm, and the fit interference of the steel ball bushing is 0.01-0.02mm, which makes the movement of the mold base flexible.

Linear ball bushings are widely used in SRP, TRP, continuous punches, ball bearing guide post sets, cold-rolling die holders, high-precision punches, and machine tool accessories.

They have the characteristics of maintaining uniform motion during high-precision axial or radial motion.

The calculation formula for the outer diameter of a linear ball cage is outer diameter = inner diameter + (2*steel ball diameter)

The ball bushing has high precision and stable operation when working. It is ideal for small machines with high repeatability and quick response.

This bearing provides a load capacity of up to 19lbf and is completely corrosion-resistant.

Can supply 1mm steel ball specifications 5*7*10 with a diameter of 5mm, its friction coefficient is only 0.001, small inertia, lightweight, compact size, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel processing precision bearing balls.

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