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DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is the Tee Nuts T Nuts manufacturer, we also provide the mold clamps,  injection mold componentsdie press componentsfasteners for your choice.

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DIN 508 T Nuts

DIN 508 Nuts for T-slots

T Nuts DIN 508, Also known as slot nuts, these high-quality Tee nuts can be combined with studs DIN 6379 to make T slot bolts.

Standard executions · DIN 508: black-oxide steel class 10 (tensile strength 1200 N/mm2).

T-nuts DIN 508 with the tensile strength class 8 (blank) are also available without thread. They can be adapted for special applications in this way.

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is the Tee nut and Tee bolt manufacturer in China, we provide the T slot nut and T slot bolt for injection molding, die pressing, CNC milling mold clamping.

Tee Nuts Specifications

Metric Tee Nut

M6 Tee nut

M8 Tee nut

M10 Tee nut

M12 Tee nut

M14 Tee nut

M16 Tee nut

M18 Tee nut

M20 Tee nut

M22 Tee nut

M24 Tee nut

M30 Tee nut

T  nut in inches

M3/8 Tee nut

M1/2 Tee nut

M5/8 Tee nut

M3/4 Tee nut

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