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Washer Definition

Metal gaskets are refined from high-precision, high-hardness sheet materials. They are usually used in the adjustment and measurement of precision molds or precision hardware, or as spacers, called precision washers, or sometimes mold washers, precision gaskets.

Fastener Hardware Washers Applications

The metal flat washer is made of a whole metal by machining and is used to seal pressure vessels, towers, tanks, valve covers, and other parts. There are mainly aluminum flat pads, copper pads, and stainless steel pads.

Metal washers are used in electronic instruments, mold manufacturing, precision machinery, hardware parts, mechanical parts, stamping parts, and small hardware manufacturing.

This product can be used to solve the problem of machine maintenance for mold maintenance, mold measurement gap and shaking swing, and instability due to mechanical aging. The sealing effect in flange connection is also a great use of metal washers.

In order to prevent loosening of the connection pair, anti-loose spring washers, multi-tooth lock washers, round nut stop washers, and saddle-shaped, wave-shaped, and tapered elastic washers are used.

Flat washers are mainly used to reduce the pressure. When some parts are tightened with a large axial force, the washers are easy to be pressed into a dish shape. At this time, materials can be used and the hardness can be improved to solve the problem.

The locking effect of the spring washer is general, and the important parts are used as little or not as possible, and the self-locking structure is adopted. For spring washers used for high-speed tightening (pneumatic or electric).

It is better to use surface phosphate washers to improve their wear-reducing performance, otherwise, they will easily burn out or open due to friction and heat, or even damage the surface of the connected part. For the connection of thin plates, a spring washer structure shall not be adopted. According to statistics, spring washers are used less and less in cars.

Because of the large and uniform locking force, the connecting tooth shape in the tooth-shaped elastic washer is used more in the automobile industry, while the spacing tooth shape is less.

Types and applications of washers

Flat Washers

Flat washers are usually thin pieces of various shapes used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening or distribute pressure.

Many materials and structures have such components, which are used to perform various similar functions. Limited by the material and process of threaded fasteners, the supporting surface of bolts and other fasteners is not large.

Therefore, in order to reduce the compressive stress of the pressure-bearing surface to protect the surface of the connected part, washers are used.

Spring washer

Spring washers are widely used in various mechanical products, with low cost and easy installation, and are suitable for frequent assembly and disassembly.

Sealing ring

Sealing rings are mainly used to seal joint interfaces of machinery, equipment, pipeline fluids, and components.

Fireproof washer

Fire-retardant washers (flame-retardant washers) are widely used in parts and joints that require high temperature, flammability, and fire resistance.

Wear-resistant washer

Wear-resistant gaskets are used in the fastening and sealing of vulnerable mechanical, electronic, and equipment parts.

Insulating washer

Insulating washers are used in products that require heat conduction, heat dissipation, and insulation, such as power supplies/communication/mechanical equipment/high current/high voltage.

Stop washer

The stop washer uses the stop lug to cooperate with the opening of the round nut and the keyway of the shaft to prevent the nut from loosening.

Non-slip washer

Anti-slip washers (Non-slip washers) are mainly used in conjunction with nuts to prevent them from loosening.

Circlip retaining ring

The circlip (retaining ring) is installed in the shaft groove or hole groove of the machine and equipment to prevent the axial movement of the parts on the shaft or hole.

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