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Air Poppets

Air Poppet Air poppets for plastic injection and compression molds!

The air poppets are designed to break the vacuum created during injection molding. They are built to provide long life using all stainless steel materials and are heat-treated to 44-46 Rc. If you would like to place an order for air poppets, please contact us.

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What is Air Poppet Valves Air Poppets?

Air Poppets are used for injection molding to remedy the vacuum problem often encountered during the molding of deep-draw or thin-walled parts.

  1. Basic characteristics of the air poppets

Air poppet is also known as air valve, air poppet valve, and pneumatic ejector pin.

In a deep airtight vacuum state, it is easier to eject with an air poppet than an ejector pin; when the product has a large surface area and is not easy to fall off, the force of the plastic part ejected by the air poppet valve is uniform and the effect is better. The air valve cap has high precision, simple installation, no space, and great function. It is the best product for improving the ejector device at present.

  1. The principle of air poppets

The principle is to use the air valve to control and use the principle of air diffusion to make the product fall off instantly, achieving the effect of automation. The material of the air valve top is made of stainless steel and does not rust. The application of the air poppets eliminates the trouble in the design and production of the mold in the ejector pin, and at the same time can resolve the failure in the injection, which is a new breakthrough in the mold manufacturing industry.

  1. Types of air poppets

The minimum diameter of the air poppet can generally be 5mm, the maximum diameter can be 30mm, and the maximum height of the gas cap can be 50mm.

The air valve is generally composed of four parts: the shell, the ejector rod, the spring, and the elastic cylindrical pin. Domestic molds are generally used There are more common air poppets. DME air poppets, also known as VA (air valves), are more commonly used for export molds, followed by CUMSA air poppets, and HASCO air poppets are relatively rare.

If you use the international standard air poppet valve, the price is still very expensive. The above-mentioned international standard molds can basically be produced in China, and the quality is relatively reliable and stable. This kind of technology has been mastered.

  1. Mold air poppet valve structure

Type introduction of air poppet valve generally the smallest diameter of the air valve can be 5mm, the maximum diameter can be 30mm, and the maximum height of the gas cap can be 50mm.

air poppet valve drawing
air poppet valve drawing

The mold air valve is generally composed of four parts: shell, ejector rod, spring, and elastic cylindrical pin.

The exhaust gas will smoothly discharge all the gas in the injection mold out of the mold. When the exhaust gas is not good, the gas in the cavity will be compressed to generate a large back pressure, thereby preventing the plastic melt from filling normally and quickly, and preventing the gas from compressing the chamber.

The heat generated can cause the plastic to burn. When the filling speed is fast, the temperature is high, the material viscosity is low, the injection pressure is high, and the thickness of the injection molded part is too large, the gas will penetrate into the plastic part under a certain degree of compression, causing defects such as porosity. The structure is loose.

The air tip should be used when the plastic part has no wall penetration. The ejection force of the plastic part is uniform, which solves many problems of ejecting plastic parts with other ejection structures, shortens the mold manufacturing cycle, saves mold materials, and reduces costs.

  1. How to install the air poppet valves

Process the airway according to the size of <diameter, and press in with a softer metal or wooden hammer.

mold air valve installation
mold air valve installation

Air Poppet Valves Air Poppets

air poppet valve injection mold
air poppet valve injection mold


Mold air poppet valves
Mold air poppet valves


air valves for moulds
air valves for molds

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