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Mold Components Parting Locks Mold parts

Parting Lock Mold Part

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What are Mold Parting Locks?

Mold Parting lock is also called nylon mold clamp, resin shutter, nylon mold lock, resin mold clamp, nylon resin shutter, etc. It is a mold component that adjusts the friction between the template and the nylon sleeve by locking the tapered bolts.

The Mold Components Parting Locks’ Drawing

Mold Components Parting Locks Mold Drawing
Mold Components Parting Locks Mold Drawing

The Mold Parting Locks Specifications

Model NumberTypeDd 1MBLH




The Mold Parting Locks Mounting method and Attention

  1. Insert the resin sleeve into the movable side of the template approximately 3 mm.
  2. Create a hole in the fixed side of the template and complete it to reduce the internal surface roughness.
  3. To maintain the durability of the mold parting lock, perform R chamfering on the entrance edge instead of C chamfering. If not the life cycle will shorten.
  4. PLBS bushings specifically designed for use with this split lock help to replace the R chamfer and surface finish process. The tapered bolt of this mold opening controller can be tightened or loosened to adjust the tension.
  5. Place the Parting lock bolt on moving the side of the mold Install min 4 nos. on one mold of 2 nos. each on both sides of the plate After placement of the Parting locks on the plate, turn the bolt to 90° and the plastic lock will expand
  6. Injection Mold weight <100kg using 4 pieces of 12Ø,

Injection Mold weight < 500kg, using 4 pieces of 16Ø,

Injection Mold weight <1,000kg using 4 pieces of 20Ø,

Injection Mold weight >1,000kg, using at least 6 pieces.

If more load is to be puled than the above limit then uses more numbers of Parting locks to be used. i.e. 6 or 8nos

  1. Do not apply any lubricant on the plastic part. Doing so will reduce the friction and grip

Mold Parting Locks Feature and Structure

  1. Material: Nylon Resin +strength alloy steel, JIS standard.
  2. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  3. Can also be installed into small, medium-sized, and 2-sectional injecting metal pipes or can be installed on sliding bases.
  4. Do not add oil and grease on parting locks, Or else the friction will reduce.
  5. Package: Small packed in box 10 pieces.

Mold Parting Locks’ Pictures

Mold Components Parting Locks Mold parts
Mold Components Parting Locks Mold parts


Mold Components MOld Parting Locks supplier
Mold Components Mold Parting Locks supplier


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