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Mold Components Applications

Mold components refer to the general term for metal fittings exclusively used in stamping molds, plastic injection molds, or FA automation equipment in the mold industry.

Mold components include punch pins, shoulder punches, ejector pins, ejector sleeves, angle pins, air ejectors, baffles, brass plugs, steel ball sleeves, oil-free guide sleeves, oil-free slide plates, guide Pins, guide bushings, ball bushings, support pillars, stop pins/disks/buttons, sprue bushings, locating rings, slide retainers, tapered interlocks, latch locking units, ejection mechanism, etc.

Mold components are widely used in various manufacturing fields such as plastic injection molds, stamping molds, automobiles, electrical, and aviation.

iInjection molding components

Injection Mold Components Applications

Injection molding mold components


Plastic injection molding mold components are including ejector pinssleeve pinsflat pinsshoulder pinscore pinsangle pinsguide pinsguide bushings, plastic mold guide sleeve, straight ejector sleeve pins, center post sleeve, straight sleeve, center support sleeve, positioning pin, square auxiliary device, three-dimensional positioning block group guide auxiliary device, ABC type sprue bushings, large gate sprue bushingssmall gate sprue bushingslocating ring A, B type, a standard mechanical switch, mold date stamp insertair valves, mold date indicating device, resin switch, cooling circuit plugs, finished tip for plastic mold, straight side interlockssidelocks, tapered interlocks, stop bolts, puller bolts, shoulder screws, set screws, R8 spindle drawers, pull rods, return pins, mold springs, stop pins, etc.

Stamping die components

Hardware stamping die mold components

Stamping & Pressing die components


Hardware stamping dies mold components are including H-type straight punch, A-type secondary punch, cutting edge forming punch, K-type sprouting punch, B-type guide punch, shoulder punch, punch, concave die, terrace die, bushing, high-speed steel round bar, ultra-fine particle tungsten steel round bar, powder high-speed steel round bar, R8 spindle drawers, R8 round collects drawbars, floating pin, floating pin, ball plungers, dowel pins (fixing pin), puller bolts, guide pinsguide bushings, precision chrome-plated guide bushings, precision copper-titanium alloy guide pins, self-lubricating guide pins, inner guide pins component, sliding guide pins component for mold base, steel ball case, independent guide pins, hexagonal screws, shoulder screws, etc.

Automation machinery components

Automation machinery components

Automation machine components

Automation machinery components are including guide shaft support, fixed ring, linear bearing, ball guide shaft, oil-free bushing, single-axis robot, drive, linear guide, linear guide rail, cable protection chain, ball screw, trapezoidal screw, sliding screw, shaft, bearing, cantilever pin, hinge pin, step screw for fulcrum, coupling, motor, timing belt pulley, idler pulley, timing toothed belt, keyless bushing, flat belt, round belts, pulleys, idlers, rollers, conveyor parts, gears, sprockets, chains, conveyors, locating rings, bushings for fixtures, positioning parts, slides, lenses, LED illuminators, inspection stand, sensors, switches types, probes, pillars, supports, support clips, inspection fixtures, elbow clamps, round rods, hexagonal profiles, pipes, resin rods, transparent resin, glass, engineering plastic plates, sheet metal processing products, plate processing products , collars, gaskets, screws, washers, nuts, magnets, springs, buffers, nitrogen springs, polyurethane, rubber, sponges, felts, shockproof, sound insulation, static electricity, safety protection, manifold blocks , pipes, pipe joints, hoses, valves, pipes, joints, adsorption parts, nozzles, cylinder related parts, connection parts, heaters, temperature adjustment, heat insulation plates, aluminum alloy profiles, profiles & brackets, aluminum alloy profiles Accessories, high-efficiency particle filters, factory profiles, tube profiles, panels, flat plates, casters, adjustment blocks, handles, handwheels, knobs, handles, hinges, angles, corner seats, ribs, safety fences, aluminum alloy profile standard components, etc.

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