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Injection Mold Components Ejector Pins

Ejector pins are used in plastics injection molds to eject or push the plastic part from the mold.

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What are Straight Ejector Pins?

Straight Ejector Pins are made of superior quality SKD61, thermal, shock-resisting hot-work die steel

Hot-forged heads provide uniform grain flow, higher tensile strength

Core hardness 40 HRC

Outside diameter nitrided to 50 HRC hardness and finished minimizing wear

Heads annealed for easy machining

Centerless ground D diameter

Injection mold components Straight Ejector Pins, mainly used in plastic, pressure casting mold. The function of these parts is to separate forming products from molds.

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Model Number:DGMF001-EJ4-150
Product Name:4mm Diameter Round Tip Straight Ejector Pin
Application:Plastic Injection Mould Making
Product  Material:SKD61
Color:Metal Color
Surface treatment:Vacuum+Nitride
Hardness:Surface: HV 1000°±100°; Shank Core: HRC50°±2°
Surface Finishing:Polished
Processing:CNC Machining
Packaging Type:Box
Packaging SizeAS per requirement
Minimum Order Quantity:1  Piece


Straight Ejector Pins Drawing:

ejector pin straight ejector pins
ejector pin  straight ejector pins

The standard body and head sizes are explained in the specifications diagram. It provides dimensions of diameters and lengths.

Dimensions D:4MM

Dimensions H:7MM

Dimensions L:150MM

Dimensions T:4MM

Straight Ejector Pins for industrial applications. DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd offers prompt lead times, competitive pricing, and no minimum order quantity.

Straight Ejector Pins Application

1. In plastic molds, separating the product from the mold is also the most commonly used;

2. Carbide Ejector Pin, such as tungsten steel Ejector Pin, can be used to pass longer and thinner holes;

3. The Ejector Pin is also called the lifting-top. It is a conical metal round rod with a head that is assembled on a lathe or grinder to support the workpiece and make the workpiece rotate around it, but it is completely different from the Ejector Pin of the plastic mold accessories;

4. Plastic mold Ejector Pin can also be used inside the mold, it can play a stabilizing role, and is called an insert pin.

The types of plastic mold Ejector Pin include flat Ejector Pins, dome pin, Shoulder ejector pin, standard Straight Ejector Pins, non-standard Straight Ejector Pins, etc.

The materials of plastic mold Ejector Pins are SKH51, SKD61, SKD11, 65Mn, etc.

SKH51 thimble has better toughness than SKD61; SKD61 thimble can withstand a high temperature of 1600℃, and the surface of SKD61 Ejector Pin can improve the wear resistance of Ejector Pin after nitriding.

65Mn Ejector Pin is of poor quality, brittle, and easy to break. Some plastic molds are no longer assembled and used with 65Mn Ejector Pin.

The standard model of Straight Ejector Pins for lathe and grinder:

The standard for fixed thimble is GB/T9204.1-1988, and the standard for rotary Ejector Pin is JB/T3580-1998.

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