T Bolts For Milling Machine

T Bolts For Milling Machine

T Head Bolt

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is the T Head Bolt T Bolts For Milling Machine manufacturer, we also provide the mold clamps,  injection mold componentsdie press componentsfasteners for your choice.

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T Bolts

T-bolts, forged from solid metal. A nut for T-slots becomes a T-bolt, by screwing in a setscrew and gluing, locking, or welding it.

A slot nut with a hole without thread becomes a T-bolt when a standard hexagon bolt is pushed through it.

The geometric shape of the slotted nut prevents the bolt from turning during assembly.

The Tee bolts can be used with hex nuts, flange nuts, T nuts, washers, or the other components for the machinery.

Tee bolt product information

Product name: T bolt

Surface treatment: blackening treatment

Product material: S45C

Scope of application: mold clamp bolts, mold components, machinery

T Bolts Specifications

Metric T bolt specifications

M24 T bolt

M22 T bolt

M20 T bolt

M18 T bolt

M16 T bolt

M14 T bolt

M12 T bolt

M10 T bolt

T bolts in Inches

M3/8 T bolt

M1/2 T bolt

M5/8 T bolt

M3/4g T bolt

M1″ T bolt

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What is the T bolt/tee bolt?

1: A bolt having a crosspiece for ahead.

2: A bolt with a head of square or rectangular shape intended to fit a T slot.

What are T head bolts used for?

T-Head bolts are mainly used with a nut to joint an object with a T-shaped slot so that the head of the bolt sits flush or below the material surrounding it.


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