Mold Springs Die Springs

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Die Mold Springs

Die mold springs are mainly used for unloading, pushing, and ejecting. Mold Springs Die Springs are marked with five different colors basing on different loading. DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd supplies a wide range of die mold springs, mold clamps, and other mold components.

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What Are Mold Springs Die Springs?

Mold springs die springs are widely used in stamping molds, metal die-casting molds, plastic molds, and other elastic motion precision mechanical equipment, automobiles, and other fields.

The material of the die spring is generally chrome alloy steel. Chrome alloy spring steel has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, high rigidity, and long life.

Mold Springs Die Springs Overview

Mold Springs Die Springs include Japanese standard mold springs, German standard mold springs, and polyurethane springs. Usually, mold springs refer to rectangular mold springs.

Rectangular mold spring has the characteristics of small size, good elasticity, high rigidity, high precision, rectangular production material, color spraying (plating) on ​​the surface to distinguish different loads, and a beautiful appearance.

The production standards of standardized mold springs are: ISO9001:2000, Japanese JIS, ISO10243, NAAMS (North American Automobile Metric Standard), and springs produced according to different standards are Japanese standard springs, American standard springs, ISO10243 German standard mold springs, etc.

Mold Springs Die Springs classification

Mold springs-in general springs for molds. The mold springs we talk about are divided into three categories: metal spiral springs, nitrogen springs, and polyurethane springs.

Metal spiral mold spring

Metal spiral mold springs are widely used in molds, fixtures, industrial clutches, brake components and various mechanical components.

Japanese standard spring classification: overweight load DB brown mold spring, heavy load DH green mold spring, medium load DM red mold spring, light load DL blue mold spring, lighter load DF yellow mold spring, etc.

International standard classification: SJL green mold spring, SJM blue mold spring, SJH red mold spring, SJB yellow mold spring, etc.

Gas spring

The internal manufacturing quality has reached the international standard, and the price is about 50% lower. It can be interchanged with Dadco, Kaller, Misumi, and other brands of nitrogen springs and the delivery time is short and the service is fast.

Spring classification

Mc-ISO international standard type, MQk-compact structure, MQa-ultra-compact, MQHl-extra-thin structure.

Polyurethane spring

Polyurethane spring classification

EX type high load polyurethane spring, A-type high load polyurethane spring, LA type high load polyurethane spring, UT type high load polyurethane spring, UD type high load polyurethane spring Wait.

Maximum compression of Japanese standard mold spring

Type and maximum compression

Smaller load, free height×58%

Light load, free height×48%

Medium load, free height×38%

Heavy load, free height×28%

Overweight load, free height×24%

German standard mold spring color load comparison table

Relative load V, green

Medium load R, blue

Heavy load B, red

Overload G, yellow

American standard mold spring color load comparison table

Relative load SV, green

Medium load SR, blue

Heavy-duty SB, red

Overload SG, yellow

Based on the loading capacity, mold springs mainly fall in the categories of minimal load (TL, yellow), light load (TF, blue), medium load (TM, red), heavy load (TH, green), and extra heavy load (TB, brown). Different categories are designed in different colors to indicate springs with different service life as well as different deflections.

Mold Springs Die Springs Are Available At DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd. We Offer Inventory, Pricing, & Datasheets For Mold Springs.

Mold Components mold springs die springs
Mold Components mold springs die springs


Mold Components die spring mold components
Mold Components mold springs die springs mold components


Mold Components Mould Springs for injection molding
Mold Components Mould Springs for injection molding


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