Sprue Bushing Type B

B type spure bushing

Injection Mold Sprue Bushing Component Supplier

The Injection Mold Sprue Bushing type B component is supplied by DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd, A one-stop-shop mold components supplier in China.

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What Is Sprue Bushing Type B?

A sprue bushing provides a pathway between molding machine nozzles and the mold. Specifically, a sprue bushing includes an opening that mates with a nozzle.

To ensure a proper fit between the sprue bushing opening and the nozzle, the opening and nozzle must have the same diameter opening and the same spherical radii.

Performance Sprue Bushings The wide range of Steel Sprue Bushings allows molds to be installed in a variety of injection molding machines. The accuracy and interchangeability of the products permit easy replacement if the mold is being transferred to another machine.

Sprue Bushing Type B Products

MOLD COMPONENTS - sprue bushing type b
MOLD COMPONENTS – sprue bushing type b


MOLD COMPONENTS - B type spure bushings
MOLD COMPONENTS – B-type sprue bushings


MOLD COMPONENTS - B type Sprue Bushing
MOLD COMPONENTS – Mold component Sprue Bushing type B


Sprue Bushing Type B Drawing

Mold Compenents sprue bushing type B drawing
Mold Components sprue bushing type B drawing
Model NumberDL(mm)HTSRPA°(interval 0.5°)


Sprue Bushing MaterialSKD61S50C

An injection mold is a mold that is produced at high temperatures. In the process of injection mold processing, an important mold accessory – is the Sprue Bushing. Also called the sprue sleeve.

The injection mold can shorten the molding cycle of the part, and the production cycle of the thin-walled parts can be less than 5 seconds. If there is no cold runner in the injection mold, no waste will be generated, which will reduce the cost of raw materials and make it more environmentally friendly.

The product is molded in an injection mold, the plastic melt temperature is accurately controlled in the runner system. Plastics can flow into the cavities in a more uniform state, which results in better-quality products.

If the quality of the sprue bushing is good, the residual stress will be lower after demolding, and the deformation of the part will be significantly smaller. Therefore, sprue bushing is an important accessory for injection mold.

Sprue Bushing Installation In an Injection mold

Sprue Bushing mold component Installation
Sprue Bushing mold component Installation

There are common types of the sprue bushings

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd Sprue Bushing types
DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd Sprue Bushing types

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd supplies the ejector pins, straight ejector pins, ejector sleeve pins, ejector blades, shoulder ejector pinsguide pinscore pins, angle pins, dowel pins, guide bushing, A-type sprue bushingB-type sprue bushingC-type sprue bushing,  small gate sprue bushingbig gate sprue bushing, etc.

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