Stamping Die Clamp

metal stamping press die clamp

Stamping Machine Mold Clamps

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is the Stamping Machine Mold Clamps and other series mold clamps manufacturer in China.

We provide the injection mold componentsdie press componentsmachine tools, fasteners for your best choice.

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Stamping Die Clamp

Stamping Die Clamp is an Arching Type mold clamp for stamping die machines.


Mold clamps are an important part of any molding operation. Insufficiently secured molds are susceptible to being damaged and this could cost a lot to repair.

Mold changes can also be completed faster by using self-adjusting clamps which do not require spacer blocks or jacking screws to adjust to different mold plate thicknesses.

Stamping Die Clamp Drawing

Stamping Die Clamps Drawing
Stamping Die Clamps Drawing


mold clamp for stamping dies
mold clamp for stamping dies

Stamping Die Clamp Specifications

Stamping Die Mold Clamps
M5/8 / M161226016.5520-60
M3/4 / M201656821630-90
M1″  / M241957825750-100

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of die clamps made from metals including drop forged carbon steel & steel. Types include plain, gooseneck, drilled & tapped gooseneck, finger, strap, C & U clamps. Meets ASTM standards.

We also have the open-end mold clampclosed-end mold clampquick-change mold clampuniversal mold clampeasy clampstep block mold clampstepped strap clamphold down clamp, etc.

Contact the DGMF team for the mold clamp specification, inventory, datasheet, pricing.


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