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DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd’s range of products includes PPSR slide retainers, RRM slide retainers, SRT slide retainers, slide holding devices, slide locks.

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is the mold clamps Manufacturer in China, also provide injection mold componentsdie press componentsmachine tools, fasteners for your best choice. Contact us for more slide retainers details.

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What are Slide Retainers?

Slide Retainers are used to hold the side cores/sliders during mold opening and component ejection. Slide Retainers are generally used to hold slides in a mold when the mold design requires a moving core. Helps to facilitate accurate and proper movement within the mold.

Strong, durable construction Pivot area is designed for high strength and long life elongated jaw area provides overtravel clearance gives added flexibility during set up to reduce possibilities of damage.

Slide Retainer Drawing

STRACK Round slide retainer mold component
STRACK Round slide retainers mold component

Slide Retainer Specifications

Model Numberd1d2d3LL1WW1W2Max. Holding Wt.Kgs

Features & Usage of Slide Retainers

  1. High-strength tool alloy construction provides durable production life – components resist wear over many slide cycles.
  2. Compact – fits with mold base No protruding hardware on mold base exterior ideal for confined space large, flat surface provides greater slide retention and positive locking easily machined into existing slides Mounts with simple socket head-cap screws
  3. Optimum corrosion protection
  4. Service temperature up to 100 ℃
  5. Holding force of 3.4 – 9.2 kg
  6. The sliding retainer can be replaced on the machine
  7. Compact size, inside mounted spring, easy to install
  8. When designing and processing the mold, the degree of installing screw and mold head must be 90 °
  9. Should custom own design and process the V-groove on the slide according to the actual conditions.

The adjustable slide retainer is a sturdy and compact product able to guarantee high loading performance and high longevity. The locking is performed with rollers aimed at minimizing wear, the special design allows for setting the locking position.

Slide Retainers are used to hold slides in a mold when the mold design requires a moving core. It helps facilitate accurate and proper movement within the mold. And it is available various, each with its own characteristics and applications.


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