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A C-clamp or G-clamp or G-cramp is a type of clamp device typically used to hold a wood or metal workpiece, carpentry, and welding.

Often believed that these clamps are called “C” clamps because of their C-shaped frame, and also named C clamps or G clamps because including the screw part they are shaped like an uppercase letter G, but in fact, they were originally called carriage makers clamp, or Carriage Clamp.

How do C-clamps work?

C-Clamps have been used in woodworking for quite a while, they help hold pieces steady. When gluing wood together, it can have a habit of warping, by using a c-clamp to hold it in place while it dries can help prevent that.

When welding a c-clap can be used to hold metal pieces steady while you weld them.

Heavy-Duty Clamp Series forged C-Clamps are the strongest clamps, recommended particularly for metalworking and fabrication work where a very high clamping force is demanded.

The heavy-duty C clamp is used to hold various shapes of workpieces, modules, and other fixed hardware tools, also known as shrimp bow code, G-clamp, wood clamps, and so on.

It is widely used and easy to carry. Since the main body is hot forged with 45# high-speed steel, the service life is long, and the C clamp adopts a coarse-tooth threaded design, which can freely adjust the range to be clamped, and the clamping force is large. Overall heat treatment, durability, and strength.

They have a drop-forged steel frame for strength and durability with a swivel shoe that helps to clamp on uneven surfaces. The twin-start ACME cold-rolled thread for faster operation and the fused steel handle will bend before the clamp can be overstressed.

A popular general-purpose clamp for heavy-duty applications, for use in wood and metalworking, and other trades.


General-purpose clamp for application in metalworking, fabrication, and welding works.

Also available in 45# high-speed steel tempered forged body.

Drop forged with a strong ribbed body

Screw made of steel

Also available in 5 sizes 5″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″

Available in standard & heavy duty

Finish: Black painted


What is AC or F clamp?

A “C-clamp” (also called a G-clamp) is shaped like the letter C and is smaller than an “F-clamp” (also known as a bar clamp), which—not surprisingly—more closely resembles the letter F. The F-clamp opens significantly wider than a C-clamp, so you can use it with larger objects.

Which is better C clamp or F clamp?

The function of the F clamp is similar to C or G clamp, and the throat depth is wider compared with the C clamp. This clamp is used in woodworking filed and with screw or glue to hold tightly or in welding filed to hold together.

F clamp is adjustable and it is easy to clamp large woodwork without a big screw.


C clamps can be found in use at every woodworking shop and metal fabrication facility. You’ll find the right clamp for your project at DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd.

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