4 Injection Mold Maintenance Procedures

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Injection mold maintenance is very important, what is the injection mold maintenance procedure? Here are the 4 injection mold maintenance procedures.

As the most important injection molding equipment for the processing of injection molded products, the quality of the injection mold is directly related to the quality of the products.

As injection molds account for a large proportion of the production costs of injection mold maintenance procedures, their service life directly affects the cost of injection molded products.

To improve the quality of injection molds and to maintain and repair them to prolong their life cycle is an important issue in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of injection molded products processing enterprises. 

After completing a production cycle, molds are generally kept in storage until the next production cycle.

However, some processing enterprises do not pay enough attention to the preservation of molds, so that the molds in the preservation of corrosion, surface finish decline, resulting in product quality decline, high scrap rate, some molds even difficult to use, need to re-invest a lot of money to buy a new mold, resulting in great waste.

The information shows that the use and maintenance in the mold life factors account for 15% to 20%, injection mold life can generally reach 800,000 times, some well-maintained mold can even be extended 2 to 3 times.

But if the enterprise due ignores the maintenance, injection mold life is relatively short, only equivalent to not maintaining the 1/5 ~ 1/3. Due to the short life of the mold and caused by steel processing hours and energy waste, as well as the impact on product quality brought about by the loss of billions of yuan each year.

Therefore, the maintenance of injection molds is very important, specifically as follow 4 injection mold maintenance procedures.

Injection mold maintenance procedure 1

The processing enterprises should, first of all, equip each pair of injection molds with a resume card, detailed records, statistics of its use, care (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention), and damage, according to which you can find out which parts and components have been damaged, the degree of wear and tear, to provide information to find and solve the problem, as well as the mold’s molding process parameters, the materials used in the product, to shorten the injection mold’s trial run time and improve production efficiency.

Injection mold maintenance procedure 2

The processing company should test the various properties of the injection mold under the normal operation of the injection molding machine and injection mold, and measure out the dimensions of the final molded plastic parts. Through this information, the existing state of the mold can be determined and the damage to the cavities, cores, cooling systems, and parting surfaces can be identified.

Injection mold maintenance procedure 3

To focus on several important parts of the mold’ ejector pins and guide components are to ensure that the mold opens and closes and the plastic parts are ejected, if any part of the mold is stuck due to damage, it will lead to production stoppage, so the lubrication of the ejector pin and guide pin should be maintained regularly (the most suitable lubricant should be used), and the ejector pin and guide pillar should be checked regularly for deformation and surface damage. The injection mold clamps should be replaced regularly to avoid loosening and causing instability.

After completing a production cycle, the working surfaces, moving, and guiding parts of the mold should be coated with professional anti-rust oil, with particular emphasis on the protection of the bearing parts of molds with gears and racks and the elastic strength of spring molds to ensure that they are always in optimum working condition.

As production time continues, the cooling channel is prone to deposits of scale, rust, sludge, and algae making the cooling channel cross-section smaller and the cooling channel narrower, greatly reducing the heat exchange rate between the coolant and the mold and increasing the production costs of the company, so the cleaning of the channel should be given attention; for hot runner molds, the maintenance of the heating and control system is particularly important as it helps to prevent production breakdowns.

Therefore, at the end of each production cycle, the band heater, bar heater, heating probe, and thermocouple on the mold should be measured with an ohmmeter, and if there is damage, it should be replaced in time, and compared with the mold resume, and make a good record, so that problems can be found and countermeasures can be taken in due course.

Injection mold maintenance procedure 4

To pay attention to the surface maintenance of the mold, directly affects the surface quality of the product, the focus is to prevent rust, therefore, the choice of a suitable, high-quality, professional anti-rust oil is particularly important. When the mold has finished its production task, it should be carefully removed by different methods according to different injection molds.

It is forbidden to use hard objects such as iron wire or steel bars to clean up the surface so as not to scratch it. If there are rust spots caused by corrosive injection molding, use a grinding machine to grind and polish, and spray with professional anti-rust oil, then store the injection mold in a dry, cool, and dust-free place.

A well-maintained and maintained injection mold can shorten the mold assembly and commissioning time, reduce production failures, make a production run smoothly, ensure product quality, reduce scrap loss, and reduce the operating cost and fixed asset investment of the enterprise so that when the next production cycle starts, the enterprise can smoothly produce products of qualified quality.

Therefore, for injection molded products processing enterprises, in the current market competition is fierce, good Injection mold maintenance procedures can help enterprises to reduce costs to increase production.

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