Quick-release Toggle Clamps

Quick-release Toggle Clamps Quick Release Toggle Clamp

Horizontal Quick-Release Toggle Clamp

The extensive selection of toggle clamps (quick-release clamps) available from stock. The standard product range includes such models as vertical toggle clamps, Horizontal Quick-Release Toggle Clamp, etc.

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Quick-release Toggle Clamps

Quick-release Toggle Clamps Description

The quick-release toggle clamp is a device that quickly clamps objects and fixes the position of objects using the principles of the lever, linkage mechanism, self-locking, etc., through steel plate stamping, metal casting, and metal turning and milling processing.

Its function is to fix objects, position workpieces, facilitate production and processing, and greatly improve production efficiency.

It has the characteristics of convenient and quick operation, large clamping force, no running position, no rebound, and so on.

According to the appearance structure and operation method, the quick-release toggle clamp is divided into several types: horizontal type, vertical type, push-pull type, latch type, pneumatic type, and so on.

The quick-release toggle clamps are suitable for all industries that require fixed workpieces for processing in production.

For example woodworking manufacturing industry, hardware manufacturing industry, door and window manufacturing industry, electronic appliance manufacturing, and other industries.

Quick-release Toggle Clamps Features

  1. Rubber sleeve handle
    Using high-temperature die-casting PVC handle rubber sleeve, non-slip and wear-resistant, not hurting hands
  2. Press rod screw
    Adjusting shaft, stainless steel die-casting molding, sturdy and durable, high bearing capacity
  3. Surface treatment
    Smooth surface, clean handling, comfortable to hold
  4. Free adjustment
    The nut rotates freely and the buckle ring can be adjusted according to requirements
  5. Preferred material
    The metal material is hard, not easy to wear, strong, and durable

We have the other toggle clamps such as Hand Tool Toggle Clamp Handle Clamp, Horizontal Acting Toggle ClampsLatch Acting Type Toggle ClampsPush-pull Type Toggle Clamps, etc.

We also provide the mold clampsinjection mold componentsdie press componentsmachine tools, fasteners for your best choice.

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