Push-pull Type Toggle Clamps

Push-pull Type Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamp Pull-push Type

Push-pull type toggle clamps for push-on clamping

Due to their favorable power to movement ratio and their easy action, the toggle clamps are versatile applicable for a wide range of uses.

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Push-pull Type Toggle Clamps

Push-pull type toggle clamps are the toggle clamp push-pull type with fastening thread.

On these clamps, the swinging movement of the operating handle is converted into an axial movement to push or pull the plunger.

They lock at the end of their stroke in both directions. For this reason, they lend themselves to push or pull operations.

Push-Pull type toggle clamps are a very versatile alternativeToggle Clamp allowing the user to manually apply pressure to a horizontal or vertical workpiece and quickly release using a toggle pull action.

These manual Push-Pull Action Toggle Clamps are can be secured to an application using a Mounting Bracket.

The control and clamping levers move in opposite directions. When clamping is obtained, the control lever is in the horizontal position. Available with clamping forces between 40 and 620 daN.

Push-pull Type Toggle Clamps PERFORMANCE:

Parts made of case-hardening sheet steel. Hardened and tempered supporting pivots. Supporting bushes (for sizes from 350 daN and over) undergo case-hardening and grinding.

Finish: Galvanized. The shape of the tool ensures a safe distance between the clamping and control lever that prevents the operator’s fingers from getting stuck during the opening of the tool.

The clamping lever is guided in the locked position for additional stability in any sideways movement. In order to prevent accidental openings, caused by vibrations, some tools of this series are provided with a device called, “safety device”, suitable for maintaining the clamp in a closed position.

Stainless Steel Material Push-pull Type Toggle Clamps Also Available In Stock.

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd has an unrivaled range of Toggle Clamps. This selection of Toggle Clamps includes Vertical Toggle Clamps, Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps & Clamps with Adjustable Spindles.

There are several versions of the Toggle Clamp available from DGMF these include: Hook Toggle Clamps, Horizontal Toggle Clamp, Vertical Toggle Clamps, Push-Pull Toggle Clamps, Latch Toggle Clamp, Toggle Latches, Toggle Presses, Plier Clamps. Accessories include Pads / Covers for Toggle Clamps, Riser Brackets / Extension Towers, and Spindles.

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