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Pipe vices

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DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is the Pipe Vices supplier in China, we provide the injection mold componentsdie press componentsmachine tools, fasteners for your best choice.

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Pipe Vices

What is Pipe vice?

Pipe vises are a plumber’s tool, often used to hold pipes in place for threading and cutting. The yoke-type vise uses a screw to clamp down the pipe, and the chain style uses a chain for securing the pipe.

Pipe vice specifications

2″ pipe vice (10-30mm)

3″ pipe vice (15-70mm)

4″ pipe vice (30-120mm)

The blue pipe vices, red pipe vices, yellow pipe vices are supplied by DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd, the mold clamps manufacturer, and mold components supplier in China.

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Pipe vice types

pipe vise tool
pipe vise tool


Pipe vice for sale
Pipe vice for sale


pipe vice grip pipe vice plumbing
pipe vice grip pipe vice plumbing


What is Pipe vice in plumbing?

Pipe vise is one the most commonly used plumbing tool and helps in the assembly of components for pipelines.

It is a tool that is used to hold the pipe tightly around the cutting tool. The tool devices two half-circle jaws which are tightened to grip a pope and hold it securely when the pipe is worked upon.

How do you use a hinged pipe vice?

Step 1 – Open jaws of the vice. Turn the tommy-bar of the pipe vice anti-clockwise until the jaws open.

Step 2 – Open vice. Lift the handle on the side of the vice. …

Step 3 – Position pipe. Lay your pipe on the fixed lower jaw.

Step 4 – Close vice. Close the vice, ensuring that the handle is locked in place.


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