Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts

A type Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts

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Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts

These are A-type Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts used for Metal processing machine tools, forging machine tools, textile machinery, printing machinery, food processing machinery, rubber machinery, wire manufacturing machinery, cable machinery, packaging machinery, generators, and heavy equipment, etc.

The A-type Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts isolate the vibration and shock of the machine from the floor and reduce the influences from another machine. It eliminates the noise transferred from the floor or due to the temperature resonance of the building.

The machine is stationary on the floor without anchors. It keeps the machine in its position, therefore the installation cost and time can be greatly saved. The layout can be easily changed to improve productivity. Machines can set up on the second floor.

Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts Features:

1. Arbitrarily arrange the position of the machine tool according to production changes to make the production line flexible.

2. Shorten the installation cycle and save installation costs.

3. It is convenient and quick to adjust the level of the machine tool.

4. Vibration isolation, vibration reduction, and noise reduction.

5. Oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts Description

Features of the Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts

The damping rubber effectively attenuates the vibration of the machine itself, reduces the external transmission of vibration force, prevents the transmission of vibration force, and processing dimensional accuracy and quality. Control building structure resonant transmission of vibration force and noise. Make various types of machine tools for rough and finish processing to form a production unit to adapt to the development of logistics technology.

The installation of the machine tool does not require anchor bolts to be fixed to the ground. Good vibration reduction and considerable vertical deflection make the machine stable on the ground. Save installation costs and shorten the installation cycle.

The location of the machine tool can be changed at any time according to the production, eliminating the cost of secondary installation and making it possible to install the machine upstairs. The level of the machine tool can be adjusted, and the adjustment range is large, convenient, and fast. The shock-absorbing rubber pad is made of nitrile synthetic rubber, which is resistant to grease and coolant.

How to use the Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts?

Put the required Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts under the anchor hole of the machine tool, insert the bolt, screw it until it is in contact with the bearing plate, and then adjust the machine level (bolt clockwise, the machine rises);

After adjusting the level of the machine tool, tighten the nut to fix the horizontal state. Because of the creep phenomenon of the rubber, when the Anti-Vibration Wedge Mounts is used for one time, the machine level should be adjusted once two weeks later.

Anti-Vibration Pad Wedge Mounts Specifications



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