Mold Clamps for Injection Molding Machine

Mold Clamps for Injection Molding Machine

Mold Clamps for Injection Molding

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is the Mold Clamps for Injection Molding Machine manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in China.

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Mold Clamps for Injection Molding Machine

The Mold Clamps for Injection Molding Machine is a closed-end/closed-toe mold clamp style, It is used for clamping molds with an Injection molding machine.

DGMF team offers free drawing, prompt lead times, competitive pricing, and no minimum order quantity.

Mold clamps are offered in a variety of styles and sizes, we can provide whatever your needs may be.

Mold Clamps for Injection Molding Machine Features

The closed-toe mold clamp style

Easy installation

Color available in two colors, black and blue

S40Cr Quenching heat treatment


Mold Clamps for Injection Molding Machine Specifications


Injection molding clamps – No supports are required at the rear of the clamp as the rear portion rests on the plate and the front holds the mold. Manufacturer and suppliers of injection molding clamps in China.

The positioning of the injection molding clamp swivel washer on the required curved groove enables the operator to set the center distance between the clamping portion and the clamping bolt as per the nearest tapped hole available on the platen of the injection molding machine.
The flanged nut is tightened on the swivel washer which takes care of the positioning of the clamp body.

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