How to Adjust The Injection Molding Processes of Temperature, Pressure, and Speed?

After read, you can learn about how to adjust the injection molding processes of temperature, pressure, and speed.

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How to adjust the injection molding process of temperature?

Injection molding temperature measurement and control are very important in injection moulding. Although these measurements are relatively simple, most injection molding machines do not have sufficient temperature tights or lines.

At most injection molding machines, the temperature is induced by the thermocouple. A thermocouple is substantially composed of two different wire tails.

If one end is hot than the other end, tiny telecommunications will be generated; the more heating, the stronger the signal.

How to adjust the injection molding process of temperature controlling?

The thermocouple also is also widely used as a sensor of the temperature control system. On the control instrument, set the required molding temperature, and the display of the inductor will be compared to the temperature generated on the set point.

In this easiest system, when the temperature reaches the setpoint, it will be turned off, and the temperature is reopened after the temperature drop. This system is called open and closing control because it is not open.

How to adjust the injection molding process of melt temperature?

The melt temperature is very important, and the temperature used in the cylinder is only guided. The melt temperature can be measured at a metric or using an air injection method. The temperature setting of the split cylinder depends on the melt temperature, the screw speed, back pressure, the amount of injection and injection molding cycles.

If you don’t work for a specific level of plastic, please start with the lowest setting. In order to facilitate control, the split cylinder is divided, but not all are set to the same temperature.

If the operation time is longer or at high temperatures, set the temperature of the first zone to a lower value, which will prevent plastic from melting and delivering. Before the injection of the injection, ensure hydraulic oil, hopper closure, mold, and emitting cylinders are at the correct temperature.

How to adjust the injection molding process of pressure?

This is the injection molding pressure that causes plastic flow, which can be measured by a sensor on the silent or hydraulic line. It does not have a fixed value, the more difficult the mold fill, the injection pressure is also increased, and the pressure and injection molding pressure of injection molding lines are directly related.

The first stage pressure and the second stage pressure

In the filling phase of the injection cycle, high-volume pressure may be required to maintain injection molding speeds. The mold is no longer required after the mold is filled.

When injection some semi-crystalline thermoplastics (e.g., Pa and POM), due to morbidity, the structure has deteriorated, so there is no need to use the secondary pressure.

How to adjust the injection molding process of locking Mold pressure?

In order to counter the injection molding pressure, the locking mold pressure must be used, do not automatically select the maximum value available, and consider the projected area, calculate a suitable value.

The projection area of ​​the injection mold is the maximum area seen from the application direction of the locking force.

Most injection molding is about 2 tons per square inch or 31 megabon per square meter. However, this is only a low value, and it should be a very rough empirical value because once the injection mold has any depth, the sidewall must be considered.

How to adjust the injection molding process of backpressure?

This is the pressure that must be generated and transcended before the screw. Although the high back pressure is advantageous for the uniform and plastic melting of the color, also prolongs the length of the screw return time, reducing the length of the fibers contained in the filled plastic, and increasing Stress of the injection molding machine;

The lower the backpressure, the better, and it is not more than 20% of the injection molding pressure (maximum quota) in any case.

How to adjust the injection molding process of raising pressure?

The nozzle pressure is the pressure in the gate. It is approximately the pressure caused by plastic flow. It does not have a fixed value but increases with the difficulty of mold fillers. There is a direct relationship between nozzle pressure, line pressure, and injection pressure.

The angling pressure is about 10% less than the injection molding pressure. And the pressure loss can reach ten percent during the piston injection molding machine. In the piston injection molding machine, the pressure loss can reach 50%.

How to adjust the injection molding process of speed?

This means the filling speed of the mold when the screw is used as a punch. When injection of thin-walled products, high-race speed must be used in order to completely fill the mold when the melt adhesive is not solidified and produces a more smooth surface.

Use a series of programmed refers to avoid defects such as injection or difficulty when filling. Injections can be carried out under open-loop or closed-loop control systems.

Regardless of the injection molding speed, the speed value must be recorded on the record table in association with the injection time, and the injection time means a predetermined first phase shot pressure, which is part of the screw propulsion time.

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