Clamps for Fixing Mold

Easy Clamps for Fixing Mold

Easy Clamps for Mold

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd manufactures easy clamps for mold, along with other mold clamp types such as open-end mold clamps, close-end mold clamps, quick-change mold clamps, etc.

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Clamps for Fixing Mold

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Clamps for Fixing Mold

The Easy Clamps for Fixing Mold are manufactured by DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd. The open-toe type mold clamps with adjustable function.

Each size of the easy clamps has a large storage amount ready for shipping.

Contact us about the easy mold clamp price, easy mold clamp specs, easy mold clamp inventory, easy mold clamp weight, etc.

The Easy Clamps for Fixing Mold’s Applications

Easy Clamp application
Easy Clamp application

It is used for clamping molds with an Injection molding machine.

No-Turn Washer No-Twist Mold Washer
No-Turn Washer No-Twist Mold Washer


forged easy mold clamp
forged easy mold clamp


easy mold clamps
easy mold clamps


easy clamp for injection mold
easy clamp for injection mold


The Easy Clamps for Fixing Mold’s Features

Capable of height control in 4 levels. Height control can easily be done by just turning the block.

Durable with long life service due to the clamp’s fully forged body structure.

The Easy Clamps Mold Clamp Specifications

 Easy Clamp Specification
M16x118 (5″)
M16x130 (6″)
M16x150 (7″)
M20x150 (7″)
M20x180 (8″)
M20x200 (9″)
M24x180 (8″)
M24x200 (9″)

Why choose DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd?

We are a professional mold clamps manufacturer in China. we have the below advantages.

Competitive price.

Delivery on time.

All mold clamp types and mold specifications are in stock.

Good before-service and after-service.

Fast response.

We offer a wide range of Mould Clamps




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