Saw Blade Bolt Left-hand Screw

Saw Blade Bolt Left-hand Screw

Saw Blade Bolt Left-hand Screw Supplier

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd is the Saw Blade Bolt Left-hand Screw supplier in China, we also provide the injection mold componentsdie press componentsmachine tools, fasteners for your best choice.

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Saw Blade Bolt Left-hand Screw

The Saw Blade Bolt Left-hand Screw is a hexagon head saw blade bolt with the anti-thread left-hand screw supplied by DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd.

The right-hand bolt orthodontic screw is screwed clockwise, and the left-hand bolt anti-screw is screwed counterclockwise.

Saw Blade Bolt Left-hand Screw Specifications





Screws can be divided into positive thread and reverse thread, and they can also be orthodontic and reverse thread. Orthodontic teeth right-hand are common. Tighten clockwise and loosen counterclockwise.

There are fewer occasions for reverse teeth left-hand screws, and the tightening method is opposite to that of orthodontic teeth.

Anti-thread screws are generally made according to needs and requirements, usually in order to prevent turning back. According to the direction of rotation, it is less likely to cause torque attenuation than a right-handed screw, and it is more reliable.

For example, dangerous equipment such as gas tanks is anti-wire, in order to prevent unknowing people from opening and causing danger. We must also develop a habit.

When the screw cannot be unscrewed in accordance with the habit, or even tightened more tightly, it should be considered that the screw switch cannot be opened casually, and the operation should be performed after understanding the situation.

There are many examples such as the wheel screws of some trucks are left and right, and so on.

How to distinguish between orthodontic and reverse screws?

It’s very simple. You can hold the screw with your right hand. If the helix angle of the thread is toward the thumb, it is orthodontic, and vice versa. However, usually, anti-wire screws will have an engraved logo, so you can also pay attention to it.


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