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What is CNC Lathe Chuck?

A “CNC lathe chuck” is a mechanical device used to clamp workpieces on machine tools for CNC lathe machines.

The 2 Jaw 3 Jaw 4 Jaw 5 Jaw 6 Jaw CNC Lathe Chucks are supplied by DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd, the mold clamps Manufacturer in China that also provides injection mold componentsdie press componentsmachine tools, and fasteners for your best choice.

The common used CNC Lathe Chuck Specifications

The CNC Lathe Chuck Model: DGMF-Mold-Clamps-Chuck-101

CNC Lathe Chuck Specifications
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck80mm1.9KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck100mm3.2KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck125mm5KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck130mm5.6KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck160mm9.5KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck165mm10KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck200mm15KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck250mm28KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck320C48KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck320mm53KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck400mm82KG
3 Jaw / 4 Jaw CNC Lathe Chuck500mm125KG

Besides the above specifications, DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd also supplies the 4″ 5″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″ 15″ CNC lathe chucks for your best choice. Contact us for more details on the CNC lathe chucks such as specifications, CNC lathe chucks pricing, and CNC lathe chucks inventory.

Or other machinery tools.

What is a chuck in machinery?

The chuck is a mechanical device used to clamp the workpiece on the machine tool. Using the radial movement of the movable jaws evenly distributed on the chuck body, the workpiece is clamped and positioned as a machine tool attachment.

The chuck is generally composed of three parts: chuck body, movable jaws, and jaw drive mechanism. Chuck body diameter of a minimum of 65 mm, up to 1500 mm, with a central through-hole to pass the workpiece or bar stock.

The back part has a cylindrical or short conical structure and is connected directly or through a flange to the end of the machine tool spindle.

The chucks are usually mounted for use on lathes, cylindrical grinders, and internal grinders, and can also be used on milling and drilling machines in conjunction with various indexing devices.

What are the CNC lathe chuck types?

The number of chuck jaws can be divided into 2 jaw chucks, 3 jaw chucks, 4 jaw chucks, 5 jaw chucks, 6 jaw chucks, and special chucks.

The use of power can be divided into manual chucks, pneumatic chucks, hydraulic chucks, electric chucks, and mechanical chucks.

The structure can be divided into Hollow Chuck and Solid Chuck.

What is 3 jaw chuck CNC lathe chuck?

Rotate the bevel gear with a volt wrench, the bevel gear drives the plane rectangular thread, and then drives the three jaws to move toward the center, because the pitch of the plane rectangular thread is equal, so the three jaws move at an equal distance and have the effect of automatic centering.

The three-jaw chuck is composed of a large bevel gear, three small bevel gears, and three jaws. The three small bevel gears mesh with the large bevel gear, and the back of the large bevel gear has a flat thread structure, and the three jaws are mounted on the flat thread in equal parts.

When the small bevel gear is wrenched, the large bevel gear rotates, and the flat threads on the back of it make the three jaws move closer to the center or exit at the same time.

DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd 3 jaw 4 jaw CNC lathe chucks standard chucks
DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd – 3 jaws 4 jaws CNC lathe chucks standard chucks

What is 4 jaw chuck CNC lathe chuck?

The four-jaw chuck is driven by four screws with four jaws, so the common four-jaw chuck does not have the function of automatic centering. However, by adjusting the position of the four jaws, various rectangular and irregular workpieces can be clamped.

What is a soft jaw chuck CNC lathe chuck?

When turning large batches of workpieces, soft jaw chucks can be used in order to improve the positioning accuracy of the workpiece during machining and to save auxiliary time during workpiece mounting.

In order to change the diameter and shape of the jaw surface arc at any time according to the actual needs, the jaws of the three-jaw chuck quenched are replaced with mild steel, copper, or aluminum jaws.

If the chuck jaws are two-body, the jaws can be replaced with soft metal; if the jaws are one, can be fixed in the jaws of a soft metal block.

After processing the jaws of the soft jaw chuck, the positioning accuracy of the workpiece can be improved, such as a new three-jaw chuck, the positioning accuracy of the workpiece after installation is less than 0.01mm.

If the plane thread of the three-jaw chuck is worn more seriously, the accuracy is poor, after replacing the soft jaws light machining, the positioning accuracy of the workpiece after installation can still be maintained within 0.05mm.

Soft jaw chuck clamping has been processed surface or soft metal, not easy to pinch the surface. For thin-walled workpieces, fan-shaped jaws can be used to increase the contact area with the workpiece and reduce the deformation of the workpiece.

The soft jaw chuck is suitable for semi-finish turning and finishing turning of workpieces in mass production when the machined surface is used as the positioning fine reference.

The correct adjustment and turning of the soft jaw chuck is the first condition to ensure the accuracy of the soft jaw chuck. The bottom surface of the soft jaws and the positioning table should be slid with the base of the jaws and correctly positioned.

Soft jaws for clamping workpiece part than the hard jaws longer (10 ~ 15) mm, for multiple turning, and to the number assembly.

Turning the diameter of the soft jaws and the diameter of the workpiece to be clamped, large or small, can not guarantee the accuracy of the clamping.

General jaw turning diameter than the workpiece diameter of about 0.2mm, that is, the diameter of the workpiece to be carded, to control within a certain tolerance;

Turning soft jaws, in order to eliminate the gap, must be installed in the jaws or outside the jaws of an appropriate diameter of the cylinder or ring, they are installed in the position of the soft jaws, and the workpiece should be clamped in the same direction, otherwise, the workpiece positioning accuracy can not be guaranteed.

When the workpiece is clamped, the cylinder should be clamped inside the chuck jaws for turning the soft jaw surface, when the workpiece is uptight, the ring should be installed outside the chuck jaws, turning the soft jaws outside.

What is an electric chuck CNC lathe chuck?

A kind of electric chuck device, involving a class of general-purpose fixtures for clamping workpieces widely used in the field of machinery.

It consists of an electric chuck device clamping function unit, an electric chuck device power function unit, an electromagnetic friction clutch assembly, a chuck body housing, and an electromagnetic brake assembly.

When the electromagnetic brake assembly is energized, the electric chuck device clamping function unit is connected to the bed head box as one and does not rotate.

When the electromagnetic friction clutch assembly is energized, the power function unit of the electric chucking unit transmits the rotary motion to the chucking jaws to clamp or unclamp the workpiece.

During the machining process, only the clamping function unit of the electric chucking unit rotates with the spindle, while the power function unit of the electric chucking unit does not rotate with the spindle.

Compared with the existing technology, this electric chuck invention effectively reduces the number of parts rotating with the spindle and the quality of rotation, helps to improve the quality of spindle dynamic balance, is easy to series and standardize the design and manufacture, the device structure is simple and compact, easy to install and maintain.

What is a pneumatic chuck CNC lathe chuck?

The performance advantages of pneumatic chucks are mainly: compared with manual chucks, pneumatic chucks can automatically center and clamp workpieces instantly at the push of a button, and the clamping force is stable and adjustable.

In addition to improving efficiency, it can also realize one person to operate more than one CNC machine tool, which greatly reduces human resources costs, and also reduces the investment in fixed equipment, and is widely used in batch machining enterprises.

In addition, according to customer demand, we can customize non-standard pneumatic clamps for shaped parts (such as valves, pumps, and other castings) that are difficult to clamp.


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