Machine Tool Sizing Block Adjustable Shock Pad

Machine Tool Sizing Block Adjustable Shock Pad

Machine Tool Sizing Block Adjustable Shock Pad Supplier

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Machine Tool Sizing Block Adjustable Shock Pad

The Machine Tool Sizing Block Adjustable Shock Pad is an Anti-vibration pad iron machine mattress iron machinery shock-absorbing pad adjustment leveling foot used for industrial machinery.

Machine Tool Sizing Block Adjustable Shock Pad Features:

– High quality, efficient and durable.

– Suitable for various machine tools.

– Effectively attenuates the vibration generated by the machine itself, reduces the external transmission of vibration, and reduces the incoming vibration.

Machine Tool Sizing Block Adjustable Shock Pad Specifications


The foundation plane on which the machine tool is installed can be concrete or wood, and it is required to be flat and strong.

When installing, unscrew the adjusting screw, place the machine tool on the load plate of the shim, and then screw in the screw from above.
Adjust the level of the machine tool rail. When turning clockwise, the machine tool will rise, and when it is counterclockwise, the machine tool will fall. After adjustment, tighten the nut.

In the installation area of ​​the machine tool, if the height difference of the foundation plane exceeds the adjustment range of this product, a spacer can be added between the machine tool and the load plate.

The anti-vibration pad rubber of the machine tool has a creep phenomenon, and it stabilizes after 14 days. Therefore, the machine tool is required to adjust the level again after 14 days of use.

Vibration reduction installation of mechanical equipment. Vibration damping connection between mechanical parts.

Sizing Block Adjustable Shock Pad Product features

The damping rubber can effectively attenuate the vibration of the machine itself, reduce the transmission of vibration force, prevent the transmission of vibration force, and ensure the accuracy and quality of processing dimensions.

Control building structure resonant transmission of vibration force and noise. Make various types of machine tools for rough and finish processing to form a production unit to adapt to the development of logistics technology.

The installation of the machine tool does not require anchor bolts to be fixed to the ground. Good vibration reduction and considerable vertical deflection make the machine stable on the ground.


The scope of application of anti-vibration pads for machine tools is metal processing machine tools, forging machine tools, textiles, printing machinery, food processing machines, rubber machinery, wire and cable machinery, packaging machinery, generators, and heavy equipment.

In the vibration isolation system composed of vibration damping pads and elastic supports of mechanical equipment, machine tools, the weakening of vibration force transmission and the form of resonance depend on the quotient of the excitation frequency and the natural frequency.

The lower the natural frequency, the higher the excitation frequency. The higher the quotient between the excitation frequency and the natural frequency, the better the vibration isolation efficiency.

With the weakening of the vibration force transmission of the vibration isolation system and the control of the passage of the resonance peak, the noise generated between the power equipment buildings can be reduced.

Vibration isolation of mechanical equipment is the application of extraordinary elastic elements, machine tool damping horns, or other elastic supports, which greatly reduce the transmission of vibration or periodic impact.

The machine tool damping pad iron and elastic elements constitute a vibration isolation system, the system is characterized by natural frequency, and the operation of mechanical equipment constitutes a specific excitation frequency.

Through the scientific selection of elastic supports for mechanical equipment and equipment, it can be well maintained and adhere to the accuracy and life of mechanical equipment, maintain the building from damage by vibration, and adhere to the noise requirements of the task.

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